The history of Cavalier traces its roots back to the 14th century. Nobody knows what is the factual origin of English Toy Spaniels. However, it is known for sure that their blood contains some genes of French and Spanish Accentors. Cavaliers were favorite dogs of king’s courts, hence their name. In France, they were kept by such important historical figures as Henry the Third and Louis XIV. In England, such dogs were beloved companions of Charles I, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Mary, Queen of Scots. The discussed dogs enjoyed exceptional privileges. They could enter all royal chambers and sleep in royal beds, warming up cold feet of aristocrats. They were also believed to cure illnesses, for dogs laying on an ill spot were expected to make the malady go away.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is exceptionally happy, full of energy, and devoid of any traces of aggression. It loves cuddling and the companion of its owners. The dog can lay on a couch for a long time and then play ball with you for countless hours. It also loves sitting on one’s knees and asking the owner to rub its head or belly.

Cavaliers are very trusting. They love people as much as other breeds do. They cannot stand loneliness and are extremely joyful when there are more dogs around. Said dogs are very wise and learn to follow owner’s command very quickly. Cavaliers do not need to be punished. On the contrary – while treated too harshly, they may become anxious and distanced. Thanks to their patience and calm nature Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are perfect for kynotherapy. What is more, thanks to their nimbleness and obedience, they achieve above-average results in terms of agility.

Cavalier treatment is not a remarkable challenge. It is enough to wash and brush it regularly for the dog in question to have astoundingly dense hair on ears, body, and paws. While attempting to take a proper care of the health condition of the pet, we also have to control its weight. Cavaliers crave food in large quantities and can make you give them as much of it as they want to due to their hypnotizing eyes. Improper food dosing and giving the pet additional treats may lead to obesity, as well as to affect the health condition and expected longevity of the pet quite considerably.

When it comes to most frequent illnesses of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one have to indicate the dislocation of patella, dry eye syndrome, and mitral valve degeneration. If you happen to be the owner of such a dog, you have to remember to take it to a vet quite regularly. Cavaliers are frequently allergy sufferers. In order to ensure their proper development, there is the need to adjust food to its preferences and health condition. Do remember that the better the treatment, the longer the pet will be with you.

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