To start with, I would like to say that I have always loved pets. Even as a child, I adored being accompanied by them. I was especially intrigued by dogs and horses. When I was a teenager, I became a volunteer in the Iława Kennel, from where I also adopted my very first canines, young puppies called Sonia and Maja. They were truly dependable and lived for quite some time under my care and supervision. It was at the kennel that I saw a Newfoundland dog. I do not know whether it was a purebred canine or a just looked like one. Back then, I did not know the exact definition of a purebred dog. The one I saw was beautiful, gracious, and extremely friendly. I was charmed by its overall appearance. I wanted to have such a fluffy dog for myself.

Unfortunately, back then, I could not afford to take care of such a big dog. After some time, I came into possession of a Shih Tzu dog called Pearl (which was a gift from my sister) and later own – I became a proud owner of a Newfoundland dog, which I named Aslan.


I was not thinking about dog breeding at the time. Said thought came to me when my Pearl was 3. I wanted to own more such lovely Pearls. I also wanted to be the owner of fluffy Newfoundland dogs as well. Back then, I still lived in a small apartment and I could not have a big dog for myself, so I must have saved the plan in question for later. Aslan turned out to have been suffering from dysplasia, so there was no possibility of making it a sire. I decided to castrate it for its own good.

Nevertheless, after some time, elegant ESKORD, crazy ALICE, and clever JANET-JONS became a part of our small family. Each and every Shih Tzu we took care of was unique in terms of both character and looks. Long hours of brushing Shih Tzu were quite a challenge, but the final outcome was completely worth it. Then, we started our adventure with dog shows. We went to take part in one of them, but there was no turning back afterwards. The atmosphere there was so pleasant that I simply could not miss the upcoming ones. I started spending time in a pleasant manner while being surrounded by numerous beautiful dogs and people sharing a similar passion. It was a priceless experience.


After a few years, I finally became the owner of a house with a garden.  

I could make my dreams come true at last. A new member of our small family was brown ILKA, the very first dog from a long line of our Newfoundland dogs characterized by stunning looks and exceptional character traits. The dog was accompanied by black ARES, a noble representative of the same breed. Thanks to mating, the very first black litter came to be, with one of the offspring being massive ENGY canine. Our Newfoundland dogs are rather big and have wide heads. They typically weigh 68 kilograms (female dogs) and 100 kilograms (male dogs), respectively.

Yet another breed that has always been dear to my heart is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I came across such canines while visiting numerous dog shows. Similarly to Shih Tzu and Newfoundland dogs, said breed is exceptionally trustworthy, happy, and playful. CORINA, CHAIDIR, and URAN became members of our small bunch. They have been charming and energetic pets.


All the dogs owned by me have undergone proper health checks and DNA examinations. Their origin has been documented up to 4 generations back by PDBA UCI. Bloodline-related documents provided by my company are printed by Polish Security Printing Works Inc. with its seat in Warsaw.


In 2011, Pureblood Dog Breeder Association became a part of United Kennel Clubs International e.V. PDBA is the only organization in Poland cooperating with UCI. Within the borders of the country in question, PDBA is the only organization allowed to utilize the UCI logo and closely collaborate with said body. United Kennel Clubs International e.V. (UCI) is an international kennel organization established in 23.10.1976, making it one of the oldest kennel-oriented organizations in the world. The seat of UCI is located in the Federal Republic of Germany.

UCI associates national kennel organizations from various countries. United Kennel Clubs International e.V. organizes international dog shows, including European and world class ones. The contribution of UCI to the development of international kennel-related undertakings, as well as perennial experience in the field have made the organization one of the leaders and paragons in the field. Thanks to its achievements and projects realized, Pureblood Dog Breeder Association received a permission to organize the UCI WORLD DOG SHOW 2014 under the patronage of United Kennel Clubs International e.V. The show took place on 21st September 2014 in Częstochowa. In 2016, 40th anniversary of operation of United Kennel Clubs International e.V was celebrated. The culminating point of the event was the 7th International Pureblood Dog Show organized by Pureblood Dog Breeder Association (European class event), which took place on 4th September 2016 in Koziegłowy.  A guest of honor during the event was Miss Ute Szabo, a long-term Chairwoman of United Kennel Clubs International e.V. Judges attending the aforementioned show were from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland.


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