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I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the breeding company to others 🙂 Dogs are very well kept and healthy. Also, I had a great contact with Miss Agata, who was always willing to provide me with a piece of useful advice.

Kamila Brudnik

I can strongly recommend the company. My pup is growing to become a healthy and beautiful dog. I also received a myriad of useful tips.

Łukasz Graduszewski

I would like to highly recommend the Pola Elizejskie breeding company to all individuals interested. Our Shila has been with us for 3 years and has been our beloved dog.

Violetta Izabela Schiller

Without a doubt, I can recommend the Pola Elizejskie breeding company to all individuals interested in owning a purebred dog......I purchased a healthy, beautifully smelling dog with all the necessary equipment allowing for taking a proper care of it. What is more, I was provided with many useful pieces of advice with regard to caretaking and was treated very nicely by the owner of the establishment even after transaction finalization…Thank you very much.

Agnieszka Rygielska

I highly recommend the company. The approach to a customer is professional and the dogs are very well treated and happy.

Adrian Wołejsza

I would like to recommend the POLA ELIZEJSKIE breeding company to everyone thinking about buying a dog. The canine I purchased is intelligent, well-kept, and friendly. It is truly lovely and I would not exchange it for any other. You can also always count on the support and maintenance-related pieces of advice from the owner of the company. Thanks a lot and best regards.

Ernest Hrynkiewicz

I can wholeheartedly recommend the breeding company. Miss Agata is a very helpful person and thanks to her support, our Shih Tzu quickly accustomed to new living conditions.

Wiola Kaleniuk Kaźmierczak

I bought a Shih Tzu pup on 11th March. It quickly became the apple of my family’s eye. The dog was well maintained, very clean, and beautiful at the time of purchase. What is more, I also received numerous tips and recommendations relating to caretaking, feeding, and upbringing. A truly professional approach!

Ewa Gosik

The female dog we were offered was charming, intelligent, calm, as well as happy and playful. I can recommend dogs offered by the breeding company owned by Miss Agata. We are very satisfied with our purchase. Best regards, Miss Agata.

.Agnieszka Sołtysiak

On 21st August, a pup from the Pola Elizejskie breeding company became a member of our family. The cub was well-maintained, happy, and exceptionally intelligent. Regardless of the time of day, Miss Agata was keen on answering all the questions we had and provided us with pieces of useful advice. Thank you a lot for all that.

Kasia Kaśka

I would like to recommend the breeding company run by Miss Agata to all individuals interested. Top quality servicing is guaranteed. Miss Agata is always willing to help her clients by giving them useful pieces of advice. Conditions of dogs offered for purchase are above-average to say at least. Dogs smell beautifully, are happy, and truly beautiful. Our pup has been developing 100 % properly. It is playful and sweet. Thank you Miss Agata. MOLLY says hello as well!

Debora Marmucka

Our Shih Tzu female dog is beautiful, intelligent, lovely, and full of energy. There are no words to properly describe the animal we bought. We love it with all our hearts.

Joanna Podlińska

A happy and playful Shih Tzu female dog has been a member of our family for 2 days. We can wholeheartedly recommend the breeding company. 🙂

Karolina Lewandowska

A very professional breeding house offering exceptional pets. Since its very first day in our house, our pet has been truly joyful and has not been problematic at all.

Anita Voisot

For several days, there has been a new member of our family in the house, namely – Nessi, a Cavalier female dog, which has won us over from the very beginning. I can recommend the Pola Elizejskie breeding company without a doubt, for the communication with the owner and the level of professionalism are simply unparalleled. Miss Agata is always willing to help 🙂 The dog we purchased was happy, clean, and nicely-smelling. Best regards!

Ewelina Kowalczyk

Such a great breeding company! The Shish Tzu we purchased was healthy, clean, beautiful, intelligent, and dependable. Miss Agata answered our every question regarding feeding, caretaking, and maintenance. Thank you very much for Bingo. 🙂

Edyta Wit

Since Monday, we are proud owners of Koka. The dog behaves very well and there have not been a problem with as of now. The pup we were offered had been properly taken care of and clean. I can wholeheartedly recommend the company.

Dorota Sztyrbicka

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